Freedom in the Time of Retail

I almost didn’t want to do this blog post, for two reasons. First, I was tired from a day in my retail job; I don’t work 40+ hours every week, but working a job that you know isn’t what you want to do with your life saps energy out of anyone. Second, and more selfishly…


…I didn’t want to face facts.


Sure: I can just keep on plugging away at my business and continue to let my habits derail me time after time. Then, when I look back at all the wasted time, I’ll just shrug my shoulders and say “Oh well, better luck next week”. But this becomes what comedian Fred Allen termed “a Treadmill to Oblivion”; the endless cycle that uses your energy but doesn’t take you anywhere.


So what are my biggest challenges to finding freedom? The first challenge would be finding the energy.


Nothing is more morale-draining than retail (can I get an amen, retail homies!!!). Sure, there is the satisfaction of a job well done and the uplift you can get out of a nice compliment from a customer, but the tedium and sameness can reduce those of us with ideas bigger than a big-box store to tired plastic bags, floating in the wind.

The second challenge? Focus. Last night was a “eureka!” moment for me; I was rifling through a suitcase (currently, I am living out of two) looking for a notebook, when I found a paper with ideas scratched on it. Then, with the notes at my side, I logged into my email account for a little housecleaning and to really take a hard look at what I’ve been spending my time and energy on. The results shocked me. I had at least 7 active business ideas on the note paper, with more ideas (and several job application emails) in my inbox. I had taken the focus I should have had on my main freedom business idea, and instead freaked out and started peppering the internet with applications and other research.


Which leads me to the third challenge. Fear. This is the one thing I did NOT want to admit. The fear to step out into the unknown and do something different always makes my knees knock, but I knew I had the ability to overcome it. After all, I’m writing this post from a rented apartment in Hawaii, after spending the previous 26 years in my home state of Wisconsin, and making the decision to become uncomfortable and do something different.


Perhaps that will be the first challenge to crumble.


BLOG NOTE: This post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge


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