Success is a Glass Half Full

I did it! I grabbed the bull by the horns, ran the train on the track, let no water run under the bridge, and whatever else you want to label as an initiative-taking statement: I had consistently blogged for 10 days!


This is a personal best for me, and comes with some introspection and reflection. The benefits were immense: making me stick to a schedule was one (hard) thing, providing me with not only writing prompts, but serious questions and opportunities for soul-searching was entirely another. The challenge gave me the chance to question myself, my motivations, and my desired results; only to pair them with a tested plan and result to see how much work I need to do going forward.


Introspection isn’t a strong suit. Which is why Challenge Day One (Freedom In the Time of Retail) was my hardest, yet most rewarding assignment. Taking a cold hard look at struggles and challenges to obtaining the life we want sounds like a rosy concept, but the current reflection of ourselves often turns us off. Having to broach those feelings, externalize them and (eventually) solve them is hard work, but oh so rewarding.


The biggest “takeaway” from the challenge is a recommitment to the work at hand, and a rekindling of that desire to make my business my life, and my life my own. Going forward, I hope to stick to a regular blog posting schedule, and will start to tie it in to my upcoming podcast series Diaspora (anybody interested? Click here!). After all, success is a glass half-full; once you take a sip, you can never go back.


Thank you to Natalie Sisson and all the wonderful people who read these insane musings and gave me some great feedback!


Here’s to freedom.


This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 10


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