The Incredible Power of Doing Nothing

The articles are legion, with titles like “The Incredible Power of Sleeping”, “The Amazing Power of Jogging”, and “The Incredible Power of Just Doing Something”. Everybody, it seems, wants to know the secret power behind simple actions. But it got me thinking: what about the power of doing… nothing?

Just plain nothing. Nadda. Zilch. El couch potato grande. What kind of power does this action (or, rather, inaction) hold?

Actually, it holds life-changing power.

Inaction, quite simply, makes us comfortable. The action of making no action leaves us in one spot, and we feel comfortable. Challenging the status quo is, even in its most basic form, uncomfortable to experience. Our minds are pre-wired to simply go with the flow, and any challenge to that makes us question our motivation and potentially doubt a positive outcome. And our minds have the best excuses. It can bring up memories of being comfortable and cozy, thoughts of failure, and ideas that what you want to do is unattainable.

I’ve seen the fruits of this “do nothing” power: accepting comfort over anything, we lull ourselves into a never-ending cycle of stagnation. Time is a force that can create irreversible damage in many things, and our path in life is one of them. It’s a simple equation: inaction plus time. Add it up in your life, and what do you see? The answer should get you scared enough to jump off the couch and out into your life.

Inaction and laziness are more addicting than drugs, and can be almost as hard to get over. Yet, for any dream you may have, or any plan you may want to undertake, you must start by overcoming the power of doing nothing.


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