Right In The Middle

Finding yourself in the middle of something can be disorienting. And the first thing you may want to do is try and find out how you got there in the first place. Maybe not the best thing to do halfway down on a waterslide, but I doubt you’ll be asking yourself esoteric questions at a waterpark.

I call myself the Nomad In The Middle, but “where” am I really?

On a physical basis, I’m in Hawaii; having moved from Wisconsin back in August of 2016 (c’mon; it was such a sucky year that I had to do something positive!). I transferred from one retail location to another, keeping the same company but losing out on some of the paycheck in the process. I looked at the move as a new beginning; a surefire way to change.


Fast forward five months and I’m still in the same job, just making ends meet and not fulfilling the aspirations I want out of life. So what’s a guy to do?

I’m in the middle right now.

I’ve made a conscious decision that the path I’m on in life right now is the wrong one, and I must begin taking steps to change now. Which is why I’m here now; blogging on the great interwebs. You see, commitment is only half the battle: committing and openly declaring that commitment creates accountability to myself and those who choose to follow me (you, I hope!). And accountability will hopefully breed positive change.

It’s a new year, and its time I got out of the middle.


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