The Unexpected Virtue of Headstrong Ignorance (or, Aloha from Hawaii)

I couldn’t tell what was causing my mini-panic attacks on the plane. To be perfectly honest, it could have been the claustrophobia (plane cabins and closets always get me), or it could have been the gnawing fear I was experiencing for the last 24 hours. After all, very few twenty somethings who have (almost) never left home up and move to a tropical island…

There is a certain fear of the unknown in all of us; it is as innate to our being as breathing. We don’t know what is around the next bend, and it can leave us apprehensive. The unknown is simply that: the unseeable, the obscure and uncharted. When something is as vast as the unknown, our minds usually ascribe the worst possible outcome to whatever lurks inside. Failure and other negative outcomes are what our imaginative brains procure; possibly a harbinger of the fact that our minds have devilish senses of humor.

But there I was; cramped on a plane, my entire world packed into two suitcases (plus a few boxes at my brothers house for safe-keeping), speeding through the clouds to an island state in the Pacific. What the hell was I doing?

Stubborn ignorance. That’s all that can be said of the decision to pack up and leave family and friends, move to an island and build a business without an MBA or experience as a business owner. I was being obstinate by committing to doing something, anything, and sticking to it.

And here I am. Still working in retail (working on that), crafting a business plan and sticking to it, and making the most of my time here in Hawaii (as much as I can; its expensive!). Perhaps my stubbornness in moving away from my comfort zone will rub off on some other portions of my life. Here’s hoping…


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