Persistence and a New Chapter

Persistence pays off, they say.

In my case, it took almost a year of crafting a decent resume, applying for various positions, getting over the pre-interview jitters (you know, I wrote a book on that!), handling rejection after rejection email, and pestering various HR and departmental heads that never responded to my second and third emails.

And then, it came.

A simple email with a request for an interview/“test-drive” for a CS position. Four hours later, the interview was done and I was wondering if I would ever hear from the company again. For all of my abilities and assets, I usually take a cynical view towards my personal situation…

But then, they asked for another interview. This time with the CEO of the company. Eighty minutes later the interview was done, and less than four hours later a job offer came in my inbox.

I believe in Napoleon Hill’s premise behind Think and Grow Rich; that positive thinking and a clear commitment to a goal can reap great rewards is well-documented in life. The biggest hurdle is commitment and belief that it can come true. It may not turn out to be a perfect reflection of your original wish/dream/vision, but it will arrive.

Which is where I am now. I may not have a successful personal brand and business (that is still in the works; stay tuned!), but I have been blessed with a new job doing what I love to do, wherever I decide to do it.

So now begins a new chapter in the evolution of the Nomad in the MIddle: the remote working phase. It’s gonna be exciting; wanna join me?


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