About Jake

Well, you caught me. I guess I should take off my mask and reveal myself to the world…


I’m a two-time degree holder who has published essays, blogs, and podcasts since 2009. As a freelance writer, I’ve rewritten and edited school papers, essays, and standup comedy routines, designed and written resumés, and contributed articles to blogs and sites about current events, food, technology, and classic film. I’ve received a Journalistic Fellowship from the John Jay College of Criminal Justice, and am a member of the Association of Food Journalists.


I’m a freelance/hobbyist photographer who loves a random iPhone shot that makes it to Instagram just as much as my DSLR full-day sessions.


Currently marketing my services in writing and social media while working for a European tech company, you can get a hold of me by clicking on the Contact button on the top of the page.