Hear Them Roar.

If you were stuck on a deserted island with two people, who would they be?


This is a classic question, usually asked to see how a person would prepare for the worst-case scenario (answer: Superman and an outboard motor). But in the world of business building and entrepreneurship, who are your “deserted island” companions?


I never like clicking on Facebook ads. Many of them were (and are) spam ads that capture emails for programs I’ll never use or want… But this one was different. Here was somebody touting the catchphrase “freedom in business and adventure in life”, and it grabbed me. Lately I had been seriously doubting my life-path as a retail drone, and knew innately that fate (or kismet, the cosmos, or the Flying Spaghetti Monster) had something else in mind for me. But what? Those who have worked in retail understand that “freedom” really isn’t an operational phrase, but rather a word used to describe the choice between several different kinds of ketchup in Aisle 10. Could there really be “freedom in business”? I was hooked. For once, I broke one of my cardinal social media rules, clicked on the ad, and entered my email.


Best decision ever.


I was introduced to Natalie Sisson and the Suitcase Entrepreneur through a Facebook ad, and started me on the course I am now on today. She definitely lives the kind of life I would love, and I would be proud to have her in my tribe.


The second person on my list would be the amazing Elizabeth Gilbert. Her book “Big Magic” was (and continues to be) an inspirational look into creativity and letting go of hindrances in life that prevent you from reaching your full potential. Before reading the book, I was set in an old mindset where creativity that enables a fulfilling life is not really found anywhere; one merely accepts what is in front of them, and fear keeps them from veering off into new and undiscovered areas. Challenging fear by embracing creativity and the unknown keeps me on an upward trend, and, while it may not be the easiest journey, it certainly is the most rewarding.

My tribe is effective, my tribe is powerful.

Hear them roar.


This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 6